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Adam has worked in the fitness industry for over 18 years. He's had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, from gyms, to outside group fitness roles, to a Personal Trainer & then to running his own facility.

Adam has a passion & enthusiasm for helping people achieve their greatest health potential. Adam has created a very unique, personalised & welcoming gym environment, that enhances each & everybody's mental & physical performance.

Adam's experience of playing high level Basketball & Aussie Rules Football, gives him valuable knowledge for training high level performance athletes & teams. Adam has also run over 30 road marathons, more then 20 Trail Ultra Marathons and many triathlons. His love for training & successfully competing in these endurance events, makes his wealth of knowledge, such a valuable addition to training like-minded athletes of all levels.

Adam continually strives to further his knowledge. He gets great satisfaction in seeing others gain the physical & mental benefits of a properly structured training schedule & the rewards that accompany people achieving their goals.

Adam's journey has included the following qualifications thus far -

  • Certificate 3 in fitness

  • Certificate 4 in fitness

  • ZUU Master Trainer 

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1

  • Thump Boxing Trainer 

  • Pilates Instructor 

  • Ankorr Harness Master Trainer 

  • Stick Mobility Trainer 

  • Real Movement Certification 

  • Nutrition L1 & L2 online course 

  • FMS Level 1 Screening Coach

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