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Senior Sports Physiotherapist DARREN GLENDENNING & Knights NSW Cup Physiotherapists KATE HAMMENT  and HAYD'N BARAGRY are available for bookings. Initial consultations are $110 & follow-up consultations are $100, with direct private health fund rebating available at the time of your appointment. We offer a premium, 'non recipe-based' service, uniquely customised to your needs. From acute injury to end stage, sports specific rehab, we have the expertise and facilities for you. Thank you for considering us!


One of the most important things a health professional can do is to listen. Without listening to the 'where', 'what', 'why' & 'when' of your particular issue, a health practitioner risks missing pertinent pieces of your history which may call for a different treatment approach. We love to listen and look forward to helping you solve your health issue. 


A comprehensive subjective & objective examination is carried out to help the Physiotherapist formulate an appropriate mode of treatment. A provisional diagnosis and prognosis regarding your issue will be explained, to help with your understanding and promote appropriate self care to assist with your recovery.


Appropriate, evidence-informed treatments are utilised. This treatment is based upon the findings from a comprehensive examination. Treatments used are continually scrutinised to assess their effectiveness at regular times before, during and after treatment sessions. We have full access to a comprehensively equipped gym, complete with testing equipment. 


It takes a team approach to heal and rehabilitate anyone from injury. By team, we mean you and all of the health professionals involved in your care. For you to be an integral part of this 'team' approach, it's so important that you are appropriately educated regarding all of the decisions that are made. Our body is an incredible 'healing' machine and it has the capacity to get stronger, no matter what age you are. All you need is the appropriate direction and wisdom to succeed  


We don't begin to think we know everything. What we do know, is that we have direct access to a network of caring and very knowledgeable Specialist Doctors (Don Osborne, Minas Petrelis, Ben East, Stephen Kemp, David Dewar, Josh Hunt, Tom Thorvaldson, Pankaj Rao, David Nicholson, James O'SullivanChris Hayes to name but a few), whom we can discuss pertinent aspects of care with, if the need arises. In our view, a good Physiotherapist knows when to refer!

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