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Everybody has the chance to be the best version of themselves. If you have a dream and a desire to achieve your best, then we can help. Here at Up n Adam Performance Training, we offer individualised & group session programs aimed at all levels of fitness. Adam has created a culture of community, support & togetherness that really facilitates motivation & effort towards each & every training session. With a fully equipped gym and plenty of space to move, Up N Adam Performance Training is a fantastic place to train.

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ZUU is a high intensity, low impact training (HILIT) system, encompassing the physical, mental & social well-being of all participants. Movements are simple, yet challenging & combine a mix of body weight mobility, stability, strength & conditioning. There is an entry point for everyone ('Regress to Progress'). Our mission during these classes, is to 'LIBERATE HUMAN MOVEMENT'. What does this mean? Our joints are meant to move, and they're meant to move throughout the range we were given from a very young age. Rediscover these 'lost' movement ranges, and most importantly, strengthen yourself through this newfound range.  Adam & Grant create a very supportive environment, with great camaraderie, during each & every class. Check out the 'TRAINING TIMETABLE' at the top of this page for class times. You won't be disappointed!

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Local trail running sessions, designed by 3 extraordinary runners (Adam Clarke, Carlos Duque & Renae Brock), for runners of all abilities. These sessions are aimed at improving your trail running technical ability, form, endurance, strength & mindset, with fun (& zooper doopers) thrown in! No training session is the same, with any upcoming running event conditions, specifically trained for. Sick of running the same route, tired of running by yourself or just not getting the results you would like, then these sessions are for you. 

From left to right: Carlos Duque, Adam Clarke & Renae Brock bring a wealth of experience, challenge & fun to Vert N Dirt 
Group shot taken post Vert N Dirt session 2020
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