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Zuu was founded by an absolute legend named Nathan Helberg ( His aim was to not only restore strength through the body's full range of movement, but to also bring a unique culture of interaction, camaraderie & respect. Movements are simple, yet challenging & combine a mix of body weight mobility, stability, strength, power & conditioning elements. Test your mental & physical robustness during these fantastic classes with Accredited Zuu instructors, Adam & Grant. You won't be disappointed!

Zuu 1.jpg
Adam in the 'trenches' doing KICKSITS at the International Zuu Conference in Auckland.
Zuu 3.jpg
Adam in the 'trenches' yet again, doing GORILLAS this time, at the International Zuu Conference in Auckland.
Grant, Adam, Darren & the legend himself, Nathan Helburg
Grant ZUU 2.jpg
Grant & Adam running & participating in a Zuu class 
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