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  • Personal Training

  • Weekday Warrior

  • Elite Strength & Conditioning

  • Athletic Strength

  • Sport Specific Training

  • The Zuu

  • Vert & Dirt Trail Running

  • Mobility Matters

  • Youth Programs



  • Sports Injuries

  • Neck & Back Pain

  • Shoulder & Elbow Injuries

  • Hip & Knee Injuries

  • Foot & Ankle Injuries

  • Running Injuries & video Analysis

  • Cycling Injuries & video Analysis

  • Pre & Post Operative Rehab

  • Workcover Rehabilitation

  • Third Party Injuries

  • Veteran Affairs

  • Chronic Pain Conditions

  • Screening




With over 100 years of collective experience and the continual pursuit of health specific knowledge, you can count on the team at UP N ADAM to address your unique health needs efficiently, effectively & respectfully. Collaboration, community and team-work are key! Here at UP N ADAM, we have a passionate team of health professionals, with a wealth of experience & wisdom, serving the amazing people of Newcastle. We strive to bring to the community a quality service, aimed at optimising your level of health & wellbeing


A:  Unit 31/54 Clyde St, Hamilton North NSW 2292

P:  40677137     E:

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